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[FLOWER-general] disapprovingly

From: Martin Bentley
Subject: [FLOWER-general] disapprovingly
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 09:17:42 +0700

No statesman has a rightto risk these fortunes unless he be reasonably assured of success. Not a second must I lose inpushing north to join my Prince.
I brought you here for a purpose, sir, she said. I landed from France only three weeksback, and know little of Mr Secretary Murrays plans.
He had a moment ofsuffocation, until he regained his humour.
Its a noble-hearted creature, and we would all be better if we were liker him.
Then, my lord, it is a strife of foreigner against foreigner. He caught Lord Cornburys eye and marked itsgentle sadness.
He can cross the Border with not less than five thousand horse andfoot. Mr Kyd, rosy as the dawn, hastened toplace chairs. The company stared, and Sir Christopher tittered.
Tell me, sir, have you not publishedcertain writings? Ido not live in Sir Watkins county, where you can blow a horn andsummon a hundred rascals. The young man flung himself into a chair, and collected histhoughts.
Many Presbyterians of the straitest sect are in his camp.
The last seemed to feel the irony,for behind his hospitable gaiety was a sharp edge of care. Jamess among the wits, but has no notion of spoiling his sleep bypotations among bumpkins.
His Highness would havemade a bee-line for Newcastle.
May I beg the favour of alight to the stable?
Wewill surprise Kit Lacy in his cups, but there will be some remnantsof supper for this fellow.
As Alastair gazed at the scene he saw again his own country-side. Losh, the beasts foundered, andthe mans in a dwam. Wade isold and doited, but he will soon have Cumberland behind him.
More than half the clans are still to raise. Many are no doubtwilling to drink His Royal Highnesss health. When the candles were lit and the curtains drawn the scene grewlivelier. But the poor mans mind was far from humour, forhis earnestness increased with his hearers cynicism.
She whipped up the ponies and her voice changed to its oldlightness.
The man was too earnest to feel the rudeness of the question. The nation isindifferent and will yield to boldness. We were birched togetherat Eton, and dwelt in the same stairway at Christ Church. Alastair hadknowledge enough of men to recognise finality.
You think only of your pride, sir, and not of the poor girl.
The hour is late and a bed isat your disposal.
Let us inquireinto the errand of this night-rider.
The ice was clearly too thin, and the most heedless feltthe need of wary walking.
To Alastair, absorbed in his errand, the scene was purelyphantasmal.
Then my Christianity falls short of yours, sir, replied LordCornbury sharply.
His connectionwith my brother is a good shield.

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