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[FLOWER-general] toil

From: Rita Sellers
Subject: [FLOWER-general] toil
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 17:33:14 +0300

Gibson to let Pauline go but Rebecca Dewhas faith in me.
Pauline neverdares to let her mother see how much she loves the dog.
She thinks I encourage herin being fanciful. Jim Wilcoxhas been going with her for years . Miss Shirley, and I hope younever will, how long a day can be when you are suffering.
What would you think of a man who let his aunt . They moved to Summerside fifteen years ago.
Never, as long as they might live,would Anne, Esme or Mrs.
She thinks I encourage herin being fanciful. Ofcourse, Mamma and Esme are naturally timid with every one, butPringle and I have lots of ginger. Speaking of weddings, Esme Taylor was married to her Ph.
Collarless dresses are coming in, I said.
Still, she was sure hismustaches were a little less defiant. Here you are, determined to go to that silverwedding although you know Im not willing.
Theonly thing she has ever had her own way about is keeping that dog. I admit I deserved all I got except that crackof yours about crocheting.
Gibson didnt suffer at all now, so I didnt try to besympathetic. Sid Pringle brought me a bunch oftrilliums today. Youll find it outfor yourself tomorrow night if he hasnt got over the nightshirt.
I was so bad with that blamed lumbagoI didnt know what I was doing.
Still, Elizabeth likes to escape from it whenever she can.
And poor Johnny hardly daring tocome to the house now because Papa is so rude to him.
And then he tells me to be sure and give his love to the widows.
By going to White Sands with a light heart and enjoying everyminute of the time.
I was so bad with that blamed lumbagoI didnt know what I was doing. And my feet have been sonice and warm all winter.
Thenhe seemed to remember comfortingly that his host was deaf.
Gibson, people will talk so terribly ifPauline doesnt go to her cousins silver wedding.

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