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[FLOWER-general] along

From: Eva Lindsay
Subject: [FLOWER-general] along
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 02:24:04 +0000

But a dry-fly cast and a ten-foot rod are a frail wherewithalfor killing a fish against time.
He must have beenheaded off up-stream, and had doubled back. Junius found the Raden family on the lawn, and with them Archie Roylance. Clearly not Leithen, for he wore a white sweater,which was a garment unknown to the Crask wardrobe. He threatens to visit us, and my father intends to put the matter intothe hands of the police.
The gloaming was gathering fast,and so far as he could see the haugh was still empty. Then cautiouslyhe raised his head above the bank.
That otter has come backand gotten the fush. He cut the cord,disentangled the letter, and revealed an oblong of green rushesbound with string.
He was in horrible old clothes, but he hadan Eton shield on his watch-chain.
You will not find out anything at all, at all, said Angus morosely. I wonder if I could get him up for a few daysto Haripol.
The two threaded mysterious passages and came out into amoonlit stable-yard.
He looked the kind of chap who might turn nasty, Sir Archie observed.
Theres the mark of the huke, ye gommeril.
Its the principle of the thing, Miss Raden.
Leithen heard it too, the cryof excited men.
Theres no doubt Scotland is changing, and youll havethe tide to help you. Unfortunately, that spot was on the other side of the stream.
Ere they reached the drawing-room Junius took Agatha aside. Leithen heard it too, the cryof excited men. You can tell all the lees you like in the mornin.
Perhaps this Macnab is one of the unrooted. Everything dependedon having Jimsie out of sight of the Lang Whang for half an hour.
His hands were sun-burned and grubby, and he had removed his signet-ring. Jimsie saw the fish and put it down to an otter, and by and bycaught the man up the road. You cant imagine one of your big barristers doing anything else.
I tell ye I was daein nae harm, the tramp whined.
For suddenly into his field of vision had darted a man.

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