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[Free-dev] Re[2]:

From: Berry Carmen
Subject: [Free-dev] Re[2]:
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 01:22:08 +0000

Police stop Likhodeyev Moscow Rimsky Treasurer."' Disregarding the Pretender of Yalta, Varenukha tried again to locate Stepa by telephone and could not, of course, find him anywhere. While he was still holding the receiver in his hand and wondering where to ring next, the same woman came in again and handed Varenukha a new envelope. Hastily opening it Varenukha read the text and whistled. ' What is it now? ' asked Rimsky, twitching nervously. Varenukha silently passed him the telegram and the treasurer read the words : ' BEG BELIEVE TRANSPORTED YALTA WOLANDS HYPNOSIS WIRE POLICE CONFIRMATION MY IDENTITY LIKHODEYEV.' Rimsky and Varenukha put their heads together, read the telegram again and stared at one another in silence. 'Come on, come on! ' said the woman irritably. ' Sign here. Then you can sit and stare at it as long as you like. I've got urgent telegrams to deliver!' Without taking his eyes off the telegram Varenukha scribbled in her book and the woman disappeared. 'You say you spoke to him on the telephone just after eleven? ' said p q uptuuq up nsrkrmsk tjr h rnshn lrl s nrr sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf

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