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[Freeipmi-devel] Re: running ipmipower

From: Bala.A
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] Re: running ipmipower
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 17:16:19 -0700 (PDT)
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ipmipower works fine now.
My suggestion are;
1. we have to show -e option in usage output.
2. The error message should be something like "permsgauth must be
disabled.  Enable permsgauth on <HOSTNAME> or try -e option".


Best Regards

> Hey Bala,
> The default in ipmipower is to always use per-msg authentication unless
> you tell it otherwise.  So you have to use the -e option to tell it
> which nodes not to use per-msg authetnication with.
> /usr/sbin/ipmipower -h ptdev3 -e ptdev3 -u foo -p bar --stat
> Its been awhile since I programmed this.  I know I debated whether
> ipmipower should automatically use per-msg auth or not based on the data
> from the Get Authentication Capabilities command.  I can't remember why
> I chose the current approach.  Do you think it should do something
> otherwise??  Is per-msg-auth disabled by default on some machines??  Or
> should I just document it better in the manpage/usage output??
> Al
> --
> Albert Chu
> address@hidden
> Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Bala.A" <address@hidden>
> Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 4:25 pm
> Subject: running ipmipower
>> Hi Al
>>  When I run ipmipower, it throws an error "permsgauth must be
>> disabled".
>> I have checked with bmc-config and permsgauth is disabled for LAN
>> Channel.  Strange thing is Intel Cli power command works fine.
>> The following is my ipmipower command execution
>> debian-sid:~# ipmipower -h debian-ia64 -p "" -s
>> debian-ia64: permsgauth must be disabled
>> debian-sid:~#
>> Could you tell me what I'm missing?
>> Thanks,
>> Best Regards
>> Bala
>> --
>> Free as in Freedom

Free as in Freedom

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