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[Freeipmi-devel] HP, iLO 2.21 and thresholds

From: Diego Elio Pettenò
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] HP, iLO 2.21 and thresholds
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 14:09:54 -0700
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Hi all,

Today I've updated the iLO firmware of the HP servers, in hope to fix
the reporting of one CPU's temperature as 0.00 instead of N/A. This
fixed the problem because... now it reports no temperature at all.

But even on this latest version, it seems like they have issues with the
thresholds... but then I'd like to know if it might not be a problem
with FreeIPMI (I don't count on that, but who knows).

1104 | System Fan 2     | Fan                      | 14106.36   | RPM
| N/A        | N/A        | N/A        | 3996.80    | 3475.48    | N/A
      | 'OK'

Here's the problem: the fans are reported as being above threshold when
running at 14K RPM which is their nominal normal speed; it seems to me
like the Upper NC and Upper C should be instead Lower NC and Lower C
respectively — it feels extremely strange that the Upper NC is higher
than the Upper C.

This happens on the DL140 G3 firmware 2.21, but it's similar to what
happens on a DL160 G6 firmware 4.20:

3440  | FAN1_OUTLET    | Fan                      | 12621.48   | RPM   |
N/A        | 0.00       | N/A        | N/A        | 999.20     | N/A
    | 'OK'

In this case the Lower C is correct, but the Upper C is wrong (and
should probably be Lower NC).

2128  | FAN_3           | Fan                      | 2049.64    | RPM
| N/A        | 0.00       | N/A        | N/A        | 978.81     | N/A
      | 'OK'

And on the ML160 G6 firmware 4.23 (which is the only one I could update
at this point) there's the same issue (in this case it's not a rackmount
so the fans are slower).

Albert do you think there might be something to be done to fix this by

Diego Elio Pettenò — Flameeyes
address@hidden —

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