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Re: [Freeipmi-devel] question about SNMP

From: Albert Chu
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-devel] question about SNMP
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 14:36:47 -0800

Hi Dan,

On Mon, 2013-02-18 at 07:29 -0800, dan farmer wrote:
> Hi folks - I can't quite figure out the data stored about SNMP with
> respect to IPMI and the BMC and I wondered if someone could shed a
> small bit of light on the topic.
> Basic problem - I can't get the FreeeIPMI *-config tools (e.g. bmc,
> pef, i-sensors, i-chassis) command to dump the SNMP community string
> or any data about SNMP at all.  In ipmitool it does allow one to
> retrieve it (trivial example - "ipmitool lan print |grep -i snmp"
> returns "SNMP Community String   : AMI" on one of my boxen.  Mind you,
> I'm not trying to compare tools or anything, just illustrating!)

For the community string, it's in the ipmi-pef-config tool.

# > /usr/sbin/ipmi-pef-config --checkout --section=Community_String
Section Community_String
        ## Give valid string
        Community_String                              public

> Is there any way to get that data with the FreeIPMI toolset?  The spec
> (along with the auxiliary Platform Event Trap Format Specification)
> implied that the BMC could generate a UDP SNMP packet ("LAN Alerts are
> accomplished by generating a UDP Datagram that contains an SNMP Trap")
> to a destination for alerts, but the details elude me.

Another user of FreeIPMI has some detailed instructions as well as some
scripts for doing PEF/PET.  Hopefully it'll help you on what you're
looking for.  PEF/PET is admittedly quite complex.

and the scripts are here


> Sorry if I'm missing something basic, or a tool that retrieves this.
>  It's gotta be there somewhere ;)
> Thanks!
> dan
> ^..^
> p.s. The 2.0 IPMI spec says in the Get LAN configuration command
> section (23.2) that the SNMP community string is one of the
> configuration parameters supported; it says (pg 322):
>                 data 1:18 - Community String
>                 Default = ‘public’. Used to fill in the ‘Community
>                 String’ field in a PET Trap. This string may
>                 optionally be used to hold a vendor-specific string
>                 that is used to provide the network name identity of
>                 the system that generated the event. Printable ASCII
>                 string-. If a full 18 non-null characters are
>                 provided, the last character does not need to be a
>                 null. 18 characters must be written when setting this
>                 parameter, and 18 will be returned when this parameter
>                 is read. The null character, and any following
>                 characters, will be ignored when the Community String
>                 parameter is placed into the PET. The BMC will return
>                 whatever characters were written. I.e. it will not set
>                 bytes following the null to any particular value.
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