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Re: [Freeipmi-users] Tyan Thunder S2882 with m3289 bmc module

From: Jan Tiri
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-users] Tyan Thunder S2882 with m3289 bmc module
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 20:34:42 +0100 (CET)
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> ,----[ "Jan Tiri" <address@hidden> ]
> | Another strange thing; my ipmi board now only reacts when the power is
> | off. If my kernel crashes for whatever reason, I'm not able to reset the
> | machine. I guess this isn't really normal behaviour ...
> |
> | response timed out: rq_seq=0
> | response received from rq_seq=1, auth: none=clear
> md2=clear
> | md5=set passwd=clear oem=clear permsg=clear user=clear
> | response received from rq_seq=2, auth: none=clear
> md2=clear
> | md5=set passwd=clear oem=clear permsg=clear user=clear
> `----
> This looks like network driver bug. Albert noticed a similar problem
> with Intel's e1000 driver, when the kernel goes to halt. Patch is
> simple. You have to comment the e1000_suspend call in notifier
> routine. We should not suspend the e1000 controller, because it is
> also used by the BMC.
> It is also possible to fix it without modifying the driver, by
> fiddling with the EEPROM power-management setting using ethtool. Tell
> me what network card you have, I will help you.

In my S2882 I have 3 NIC's; 2x Broadcom Tigeon (tg3) and 1x Intel (e100).
I use the last one because I understood this is the only interface where
the SMBC can 'listen' for this type of mobo.
Strange thing is that the board even doesn't reply to IPMI requests when
the machine is powered on and functioning properly. If I check all programs;

- bmc-config: -i only sometimes update the configuration (only succeeded
the first time)
- sel: I see the timestamps there are outdated, can I change the clock
somewhere ?
- bmc-watchdog: starting bmc-watchdog based on the example parameters (-d
-u 4 -p 0 -a 0 -i 3600) is killed immediatelly;

[Mar 03 20:23:22]: starting bmc-watchdog daemon
[Mar 03 20:23:22]: timer stopped by another process
[Mar 03 20:23:22]: stopping bmc-watchdog daemon

# /usr/local/sbin/bmc-watchdog -g
Timer Use:                   SMS/OS
Timer:                       Stopped
Logging:                     Disabled
Timeout Action:              None
Pre-Timeout Interrupt:       None
Pre-Timeout Interval:        1 seconds
Timer Use BIOS FRB2 Flag:    Clear
Timer Use BIOS POST Flag:    Clear
Timer Use BIOS OS Load Flag: Clear
Timer Use BIOS SMS/OS Flag:  Clear
Timer Use BIOS OEM Flag:     Clear
Initial Countdown:           3600 seconds
Current Countdown:           3570 seconds

So I assume there is something fishy with the hardware, I have to figure out.

If I get the IPMI stuff to work, I'll try to write some kind of howto ;)

Kind regards,

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