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[Freeipmi-users] FreeIPMI 1.1.2 Released

From: Al Chu
Subject: [Freeipmi-users] FreeIPMI 1.1.2 Released
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 08:37:14 -0800

FreeIPMI 1.1.2 - 02/06/12
o In ipmi-oem, support new Dell C410x OEM extensions
  slot-power-toggle, slot-power-control, get-port-map, set-port-map.
o Fix daemon setup race condition in ipmidetectd and bmc-watchdog that
  can affect systemd.
o In ipmiconsole, support new --serial-keepalive-empty option.
o In bmc-device, support new --rearm-sensor option.
o In ipmi-oem, add additional Dell get-system-info options
  - slot-number
  - system-revision
  - embedded-video-status
  - idrac-info
  - idrac-ipv4-url
  - idrac-gui-webserver-control
  - cmc-ipv4-url,
  - cmc-ipv6-info
  - cmc-ipv6-url
o In ipmi-oem, support Dell 12G mac addresses under get-system-info.   
o In ipmi-sensors, some sensors that reported "Unknown" may now report
  "N/A" due to an interpretation change of several IPMI error codes.
o In ipmi-sensors, workaround sensor reading issue on Sun Blade x6250
  and Sun Blade 6000M2.
o Fix several freeipmi.conf config file parsing bugs.

o In libipmiconsole, fix serial keepalive timeout calculation bug that
  can lead to excessive packets retransmitted.
o In libipmiconsole, support new SERIAL_KEEPALIVE_EMPTY engine flag.
o In libipmiconsole, do not deactivate a SOL payload if it appears the
  SOL payload has been stolen, but we did not receive a SOL deactivating
o In libipmiconsole, fix corner case in which session not closed
  cleanly when DEACTIVATE_ONLY flag specified.
o In libipmiconsole, workaround bug in Dell Poweredge M605, M610, and
  M915 where instance count of SOL is always returned as 0.
o In libfreeipmi, add functions for re-arm sensor events IPMI payload. 
o In libfreeipmi/sensor-read, under some error conditions return error
  of "unavailable" instead of "cannot be obtained" error code.
o In libfreeipmi/sensor-read, add workarounds to handle issues on Sun
  Blade x6250 and Sun Blade 6000M2.

o Various documentation updates.
o Redo formattig of include/freeipmi/templates/ documents.

Special thanks to Ryan Cox for a lot of his Dell extension reverse
engineering, testing, and documentation.


Albert Chu
Computer Scientist
High Performance Systems Division
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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