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[Freeipmi-users] how i configure pef using free-ipmi?

From: 손서락
Subject: [Freeipmi-users] how i configure pef using free-ipmi?
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2017 17:48:51 +0900

my ultimate goal is *if some event are created, send(alert) event's
information to other program*
for example, event message about power off is created, send(alert)  event
information to program which i programmed,

first thing i should do to this process configuring pef-config
but i can't find how to do.
so *please show me sample pef configure  when power off event is generated,
send alert to my program*


*To send alert to my program, do i need snmp trap daemon??*
*and do i use ipmi-pet ??*

when i use ipmitool,
i can see pef list using ipmitool pef list cmd (of course, current pef list
is null)
then in freeipmi,* does freeipmi  exists command like "ipmitool pef list"??*
when i typing ipmi-pef-confg --checkout
so many output are shown but, i can't under stand what they mean


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