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[fxvt-users] darken

From: Hubert Gentry
Subject: [fxvt-users] darken
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 01:08:30 +0300

I think that woman will be sorry she ever lived!
When at last he got back to the house with Swain, Fleur was asleep.
Should she spoil it, and make sure of him in modern fashion? She puther lips to his, and closed her eyes.
Save for the triumphal glow within him, there might havebeen a fuss!
MacGowns, dear; and it bled like anything.
Youd better come down to the house for the night, Swain.
She seemed rather annoyed when I offered her thebook.
Are you onsuch terms with that gentleman as would have made a remonstranceeasy? This wascomedy, one mustnt make it into tragedy!
Soames, who really didnt know why, had muttered:Well, they cant get it printed in England. He had got what he wanted, and the rest of the discussioninterested him no more. Old professional instincts wererising within him. Itsexciting a great deal of interest, Madam, I said. Youve had your warning, said MacGown, and turned on his heel. You are aware of my engagement to Miss Ferrar? Did that convey anything to your mind,madam? And that was to her credit, when you came to think of it. Henry Boddick, he said, Ive nothing against YOU, youvealways been decent to me.
And Michael searched theface he held in his hands.
Swainwas lookin at him with that sort o droop in his mouth hes got. The nurse has come, miss; shell be up in a minute.
Michael dropped his hands, hurt and puzzled.
He had nevercared to take things into Court if they could be settled out of it. After these quiet talks, Michael understood, much better thanbefore, the profession of politics. Did that convey anything to your mind,madam?
Itsexciting a great deal of interest, Madam, I said.
Annette had returned it to him two days later, saying: It is notFrench at all; it is disgusting. Francis Wilmot, flying, thought of steamship-lines and staterooms,of registrars and rings. May I offer you a cocktail, or a glass of sherry?
And he gazed at thewords in toto; somehow they looked funny.
She opened an envelope, stamped Cosmopolis Hotel. Approaching within a few feet, she waited for the effect on him oforange-blossom.

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