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[Gluster-devel] xattr support

From: Hans K. Rosbach
Subject: [Gluster-devel] xattr support
Date: Fri, 06 May 2011 14:47:50 +0200

Hi, I am receiving mixed signals on whether GlusterFS actually
support xattrs on the client side. I am told that it does support
xattrs but my tests seems to indicate that it does not. I also
seem to recollect reading a post to this list saying that it does
not support xattrs, but I am not able to find it now.

Also a google search pretty much only tells me what I already
know; that GlusterFS uses xattrs extensively on the server side.

Here is a test on the clients root filesystem (ext4):
[root /]# touch testfile
[root /]# attr -s testattr -V 2 testfile
Attribute "testattr" set to a 1 byte value for testfile:
[root /]# attr -g testattr testfile
Attribute "testattr" had a 1 byte value for testfile:

Now lets test in a GlusterFS mounted folder:
[root /]# cd /storage1/
[root storage1]# touch glusterfile
[root storage1]# attr -s testattr -V 2 glusterfile
attr_set: Operation not supported
Could not set "testattr" for glusterfile

So am I doing something wrong or does GlusterFS not support xattrs?
If it does not support xattr, did it at some point in the past?
I am using SL6 with GlusterFS 3.1.4

  Hans K. Rosbach

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