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[Gnash] Re: Gnash Video Codecs? (Dave Crossland)

From: Liam McDermott
Subject: [Gnash] Re: Gnash Video Codecs? (Dave Crossland)
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 13:51:41 -0500
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the BBC has worked on its own video format

Dirac appears totally dead.

The BBC culture is one of middle managers who are sat on a gravy train
and look at 90%+ market share of Windows and see it as a done deal.

How can Free Software and Free Culture make any impact whatsoever on a
non-web-savvy manager with that kind of attitude?

Well I did question the BBC about their use of DRM and Microsoft Media. The answer was that DRM is required by the production companies that create programmes for the BBC (not the BBC themselves). They also advised that--due to the nature of--DRM would probably never be supported under Linux, hence the choice of format (I suppose they could choose between Apple and MS offerings). Also remember that the BBC came under quite a lot of criticism for putting too much of the taxpayers money into it's online offerings, I would imagine that Dirac died at that time.

We will never know whether the BBC itself actually wants to go down this route, or whether they're under contractual obligation to production companies. So I think it a little presumptuous to make those claims about it's middle management. Unless you have some sort of insider-information? :-)

As for the blog post, that person seems to be some sort of Adobe/Flash zealot. I find it hard to take what he writes seriously.

My apologies for going off-topic. On a more relevant issue, John Dowell (the person from Adobe, commenting on that blog) said: 'Easy on the “spyware” charges, Martin Guy. I know those ads are on the front FSF Gnash page, but that’s pretty incendiary stuff to say.'

Is it wise to include the: 'Avoid Flash spyware!' on the Gnash website? Could it be construed as libellous? Not wishing to put any ideas into Adobe heads of course.


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