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Re: [Gnash] Re: Gnash Video Codecs? (Dave Crossland)

From: Tomas Groth
Subject: Re: [Gnash] Re: Gnash Video Codecs? (Dave Crossland)
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 16:01:46 +0100 (CET)


--- Martin Guy <address@hidden> skrev:
> > As for the blog post, that person seems to be some sort of Adobe/Flash
> > zealot. I find it hard to take what he writes seriously.
> Unfortunately, many existing Flash programmers seem to confuse Flash
> as an artistic medium and file format with Flash the commercial player
> program for that format, as if web page designers confused HTML with
> Internet Explorer.
>    Thus Gnash is seen by some Flash developers as a "threat" to Flash
> as if Netscape were a "threat" to HTML whereas in fact it will what
> Netscape did for the web: de-monopolise it, liberate users from
> single-company control and all th eevils that allows, and bring
> open-market innovation to it with a better product.
>    Maybe these people were web designers writing IE-only sites when
> Netscape flowered, found writing portable HTML harder work than
> IE-only code, and are afraid that they will have to repeat the trauma
> with Gnash.

I may be wrong here, but as i remember it it was Netscape who first won in the
browser-war, but later then lost to IE which then became the de-facto standard
browser. And IIRC it is firefox who is now de-monopolising the web, not
Netscape, though they share the engine.

Anyway, I don't think you can compare rendering/authoring HTML (open standard)
with SWF (closed standard). HTML is well defined, while SWF is mostly defined
using reverse engineering, or old outdated specs. 
Gnashs aim to produce a flash player means that it will have to mimic Adobes
player behavior, even the bugs... Kindof like the wine-project and ReactOS
minic windows bugs. Sad but true. Welcome to the non-perfect world.



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