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[Gnash] high CPU usage and openGL rendering

From: Jorge Barreiro Gonzalez
Subject: [Gnash] high CPU usage and openGL rendering
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 22:21:36 +0100
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this is my first post, despite I've been reading this list for a while, so I 
must start saying that you're doing a great work.

I'm a Debian user and there isn't new versions of gnash in the Debian 
repositories (there isn't even the 0.8.1 final release, anyone knows why?). 
But I wanted to test the progress of gnash, so yesterday I downloaded from 
the cvs the very last version.
I installed every library  mentioned in the documentation, and did:
$ ./configure --enable-renderer=ogl
trying to use opengl to view the flash movies. There were no warnings running 
the configure script but those about tools needed to run test cases.
With this, in the flash movies I tested there were missing colors and 
textures, and every flash animation used near 100% cpu.

I reconfigured without options, so the script selected the agg engine. This 
time everything looked as it should, but the cpu usage is still too high. I'm 
testing it in a laptop centrino 1.7Ghz, and playing something in youtube eats 
50% of cpu. If you pauses the video, it still eats 10%. Simple animations 
also consume a lot. I tried the games in, but all of them 
get my cpu to near 100%, even the simple ones, like the fifteen pieces 

And the questions: It's this cpu consumption normal?  Could this be due to 
some configuration, missing libraries or outdated libraries? (I'm using 
Debian Etch, so the libraries are a bit old.) Why could the opengl version 
act that way? If I get the opengl work correctly, would the cpu consumption 
decrease considerably?

A note about openGL, I have it configured and running. I can use beryl and 3D 

Sorry for the long post and thanks for your attention.

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