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Re: [Gnash] high CPU usage and openGL rendering

From: Jorge Barreiro Gonzalez
Subject: Re: [Gnash] high CPU usage and openGL rendering
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 21:21:54 +0100
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Hello again,

About the OpenGL thing:

The graphics card is an Intel 915GM, with 128 MB of shared memory. The driver 
is the i810 version 1.7.2, under Xorg 7.1.0. (The etch versions).
I've just tested it in an old pc, with a NVidia MX200 and the propietary 
drivers, and the results were the same (high cpu, missing textures). I have 
Debian Etch in that pc, too, so the library versions are the same.

I've tested with this website: The animation with the 
guy on the pc ( ) doesn't 
show some background images, and the one with football match ( ) doesn't 
show the background (the people and the green field). In addition, cpu goes 
100% and the animations play slow. Both animations show perfect when I use 
the AGG renderer, and the CPU "only" goes 50% when I'm in that website.

>I did some profiling there, and it looks like a lot of CPU time is spent
>in actionscript. This one uses less resources (please try it):

That game worked fine (using AGG). The average cpu usage is about 30% while 
playing. What I wanted to know about the high cpu usage is if this is normal 
or if it's due to the way I compiled gnash or the configuration of my 

Could something of this be due to missing or old libraries?
I attach the output of glxinfo in the machine with the intel card, and the 
output of the configure script whith the openGL option, so you can see what 
librarys are detected.

Thanks for your time.

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