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Re[2]: [Gnash] Raw video/audio

From: Udo Giacomozzi
Subject: Re[2]: [Gnash] Raw video/audio
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 10:53:15 +0100

Hello Craig,

Friday, March 21, 2008, 6:13:37 PM, you wrote:
CK> It is an X11 extension that uses hardware acceleration to scale planar
CK> data without using the general-purpose CPU.  Most video cards support
CK> this extension under XFree86/xorg.  The Windows analog would be in
CK> DirectX somewhere.  With it, you can take a "small" window and blow it
CK> up to any size for very little cost.  It was added to Adobe's latest
CK> Linux standalone and browser plugins (9.0.115?).  Here is more
CK> information about it:


Since it is about scaling video it is more interesting to use it for
embedded video. AFAIK the video stream we get is in YUV and needs to
be converted to RGB. So XVideo could scale/translate the video and
bring it to RGB color space. The rest (vector rendering) should remain
unaffected by XVideo to keep the quality. For video playback
(especially full screen playback) this could mean a significant
performance gain.

So, instead of scaling the final frame, we should integrate XVideo in
the rendering process.

It's still interesting to use XVideo to scale the final frame since
Adobe lately introduced a new mode where the rendered vector is
scaled up for full screen playback:


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