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[Gnash] [Newbie!] Need info: compiling for Win32 and Win32-Firefox plugi

From: Nicholas W. Karels
Subject: [Gnash] [Newbie!] Need info: compiling for Win32 and Win32-Firefox plugin
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 10:43:49 -0700
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Hello! Not only did I just learn about Gnash, but I'm new to Savannah, too... The usual patience is appreciated.

I have a box that runs Win'08 "Server", not as a server, but as a desktop OS .
My "real server" runs Linux. :)

I'm looking forward to being able to use Gnash as a Firefox plugin, on the '08 box. Adobe's product is one big "black box" I perceive as a potential security hole -- that's what brought me here. Reading the docs, I found that Gnash caters to my other "bitch": I can block those $%@ banner-ads that scream "You've won a free computer!'.

FIRST: I see the binary for the standalone player for Win32. Does that mean that the mozilla plugin doesn't work there (W32) yet? or, will a build-from-source (of course configured properly) produce one that should?

I have at my disposal:
MS Visual Studio 9 installed, can install 8 if necessary
Cygwin, last used to build a development snapshot of VLC Media Player
All the usual development tools on the Linux box.

Where is, or who has, the Latest and Greatest notes on building for Win32? I'll do whatever of the three work best:: MSVC, gcc-cygwin, or gcc (Linux).

After success at that, I'll say "thanks" with some documentation for you, covering installation and use on Windows for you all.

Nick Karels

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