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[Gnash] Is the RTMP code in the gnash project working?

From: trimurthulu amaradhi
Subject: [Gnash] Is the RTMP code in the gnash project working?
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 12:40:37 +0530

I really struggling video file to stream from the ..
I found the rtmp source code in the gnash-0.8.3. I installed this on fedora -8 linux..
 *.swf file could be played... it was not playing .flv file also. I tried with rtmp also.
  Is the RTMP source code  provieded with this gnash working? please let me know... I  am struggling like any thing.
 I installed  "wowza media server ".  I am giving following command as follows on the bash shell.
gnash rtmp://server IP/fastplay/Extremist.flv  ..
but it was not streaming   ..please clarify my doubt.. thanks in advance..

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