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[gNewSense-users] Brand new or updated wiki pages (including projects)

From: Karl Goetz
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Brand new or updated wiki pages (including projects)
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2007 20:13:09 +0930
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hi all
I just created a few new pages, updated a handful, and moved a few, and
although I wouldn't usually email the list every time i make a page or
change, but i figured these were worth announcing.
(New) Where I'm hoping a list currently active or more-or-less active
projects will live. links to "howtohelp' as a place to find ways to help
projects without drivers :) Could those of you who have active projects
(such as Chris and Matt) please check this page and create a project
page using mine as an example.
(Updated) Now has much more content, in the form of bullet points
listing items you can help with. Also has CurrentProjects 'integration'
- a link saying 'if you take up a help item, please add it to CP'
-> Includes the request "Could someone who knows how please move These
two pages into their appropriate language section?" at the bottom of the
English part, as the wiki supports localisation, and it seems silly to
have 3 languages on 1 wiki page.
(Updated) I went to create the page, and it existed! only has 'artwork',
which is blank, but now also has the link bellow, also mostly blank.
(New) I have some Apple macs, but no time to work on them yet, so this
page will have to sit idle with the specs of the macs only along with my
list of problems.
(New) A section on the wiki where i hope to migrate all the builder
related pages in the wiki too (i didn't see another dedicated section).
I figure rather then have bits of builder info scattered around in hard
to find places, we can have it all in one area. (This will technically
be two areas, as it has a section in the main part of the site, but
thats not editable to most people).
(Updated) I made some minor (very minor) changes, but it did make me
think. At the top, someone has (correctly) put "Everything you wanted to
know about gNewSense.". Its true, but not what a FAQ is meant to be. I'd
like some feedback: should we make an "Everything you wanted to know
about gNewSense" page (or its equivalent) and cull the FAQ back to...
well... FAQ's or do we make the wiki's FAQ all encompassing and all
knowing, and only have the main FAQ?. I'm in favour of splitting the
pages, as its nice to have what i think of as the 'official' FAQ and the
'community' FAQ (which might grow and need a trimming now and then). The
way its grown is really my fault this time around, but if we have a
second page in our wiki (more doco.... :)) it could be referenced from
the FAQ as a footnote 'couldn't find what your after? look in the doco
section of the site'

And i'd like to finish with a question:
Would anyone who currently works on the wiki be deeply upset if i 'took
over' as wiki lead? i know a number of people work on it, but i feel
someone should be a GOTO.
If someone else wants the job, i probably wont argue though...


Karl Goetz
User of gNewSense: Free as in Freedom -
Australian Ubuntu users team -
User of Debian, The Universal Operating System -

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