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Re: [gNewSense-users] A bug in Pidgin(or SCIM) with gNewSense2.1

From: Matthew Flaschen
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] A bug in Pidgin(or SCIM) with gNewSense2.1
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 20:20:55 -0500
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Kermit Mei wrote:
> J.B. Nicholson-Owens wrote:
>> Kermit Mei wrote:
>>> Hello, I use gtalk in pidgin. And When I input something(Non-ASCII by
>>> scim) more than three lines, the pidgin will crash!
>>> Is there anyone encounter that?
>> I haven't encountered that, but I don't use Pidgin with non-ASCII text.
>> I'd be surprised if this were a bug for gNewSense; have you checked
>> with Pidgin's developers to see if they're aware of the problem?
> No. But I asked my friend to test this problem in ubuntu 8.10, and
> Pidgin works well.

Yes, but gNewSense 2.1 is based on 8.04, not 8.10, so it's pointless to
compare them.  To get your problem fixed in 8.04/gNewSense 2.1, the best
bet is to contribute your information to the Trac bug
(, then file a Launchpad bug that refers to the Trac bug.  Be sure to
note that it works in 8.10 .  If/when it is fixed in 8.04, it should
propogate to gNewSense 2.1.  If it ever works in 8.04 but /not/ 2.1,
that is a bug that gNewSense needs to fix.

Matt Flaschen

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