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Re: [gNewSense-users] Webapps infrastructure

From: Jean Schurger
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Webapps infrastructure
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 09:42:12 -0400

> What do we *need*?
> - Wiki (community editable)
> - Bug tracking system
> - 'locked' website (eg, all our existing www. sites)
> - supports translations cleanly
> - all items must integrate
> - A gmane thingy (what are these services called?)
> - We have to be able to migrate all our existing data into the new
> tools (preferably with data intact)
> What don't we need?
> - Forum (replace with gmane/similar service)
> What would be *desirable* (vs needed)?
> - no track record of regular, large security issues
> - scalable
> - well documented
> - integrates with RCSs (svn+bzr+git as a minimum)
> - for the BTS, email interface
> - web interface

I would recommend 'trac' or 'redmine'

about trac: (


  - writen in python, so it easy to understand, write plugins,...
  - well maintained
  - have the bugtracker, wiki, integrated with RCS (i'not sure for bzr)
  - It have a nice xml-rpc API
  - Well documented
  - A nice web interface
  - A lot of plugins


  - It realy requires plugins (which exists) for 
     *  users managment from an web interface
     *  fine grained permissions (lock some wiki pages/namespace)
  - It cannot handle multiple projects repositories

about redmine: (


  - Run nice with apache and 'passenger'
  - Well maintainted
  - Well translated
  - handle the RCS
  - handle MULTIPLE projets (one RCS per project)
  - Easy web interface for managing all needs
  - Have a wiki with lockable pages
  - Fine grained permissions web manageable
  - Can be bind on both ldap AND dbs at the same time
  - a nice BT
  - the "all items must integrate" feature
  - Mail interface
  - Able to import from some BT (trac and mantis)


  - Writen in ruby (sorry rails lovers, but i think ruby it not the most
easy language to learn)
  - XML-RPC is provided by an external project (redmine_mylincon) and is
not complete

Both handles the 'mercurial' RCS which is very very efficient and easy
to use.

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