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Re: [gNewSense-users] libre people

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] libre people
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 23:09:45 +0200
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Paul O'Malley - gnu's not unix - schreef:
Sam Geeraerts wrote:
Freedom Folk sounds nice and is somewhat in line with "Libre People". What I don't like about it is that you can't use it in a single person form, unlike e.g. Ubuntero. It would be nice to be able to say "I am a ...".

folker does not work well in English .....
Volker is specifically German

people / person does over come that

Personally Libre cuts it for me, because it says Freedom, and as we all know long before software was invented English as a language was broken.

Culturally the word Freedom when used alongside other words, may seriously aggravate non software people in a lot of English speaking countries. Using Sam's words to justify this.

Easier to win a debate if you don't give yourself obstacles.
Whatever your personal politics you do want all people using Free Software.

My words? I had issues with the words libre and free, not freedom. Anyway, I can see that software would not be the first thing on people's minds when you say Freedom, but do you really think people would take offence? That sounds a bit strange, but then I'm not a native English speaker nor do I have a cultural background that would have such associations. Interesting thought.

By the way, I regularly hear on podcasts that people are unsure how to pronounce a project name. Sometimes that results in humor, sometimes in criticism. Fact is that if you want people to talk about it (confidently), you would do good to make it roll of the tongue easily. I've heard at least 4 English pronunciations of libre: libruh, librrruh (French r, or something like it), libray and a combination of the latter two. Just listen to some of Leo Laporte's intros on FLOSS Weekly to get a taste.

Libre People

perhaps with a slogan of the

The Freedom is in the Source!

My 2c worth.


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