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Re: [gNewSense-users] lemote does not boot after install

From: Quiliro Ordóñez
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] lemote does not boot after install
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 15:59:52 -0500

2010/1/24 Graziano <address@hidden>:
> Il giorno dom, 24/01/2010 alle 14.47 -0500, Quiliro Ordóñez ha scritto:
>> Hi people.
>> Had been using gNewSense Amagi for some time and
>> decided to install gNewSense. I will incorporate the changes made by
>> Amagi to make gNewSense lighter and minimal for the Lemote Yeeloong.
>> This is a decisión made by the Amagi team based on recomendations of
>> RMS to reincorporate Amagi to gNewSense.
>> On the gNewSense installation, I followed the steps in
>> Everything went
>> fine untill the installation finished and the computer rebooted. It
>> was all normal but instead of seeing a kernel in /boot I get another
>> file:
> I can't remember if when you finish a gnewsense mipsel installation on
> the yeeloong there is already an installed kernel on it or not.
> Anyway you can boot using your usb kernel and then install a kernel from
> the repository.
> aptitude install linux-image-
Thanks Graziano.

What I did was before rebooting at the end of the installation
process, chose "back" then asked for the command line interpreter and,
on the console, typed:

chroot /target
mount none /proc -t proc
aptitude update
aptitude upgrade
aptitude install linux-image-

(I guess I could have installed linux-image- but
decided to follow your instructions exactly.)

Then I chose "Finish the installation from the installer and chose
"continue" when asked to reboot.

After it rebooted I have the same message:

The boot.cfg not existed!System will try default entry from al.

And does not boot anything. :-(

Quiliro Ordóñez
593(02)340 1517 / 593(09)821 8696

"¿Sólo cuando el último árbol esté muerto, el último río envenenado y
el último pez atrapado nos daremos cuenta que no se puede comer
"Only when the last tree is dead, the last river is poisoned and the
last fish is caught will we realize that money is not edible?"

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