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Re: [gNewSense-users] questions about ntfs, w-lan and grub

From: anoglad
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] questions about ntfs, w-lan and grub
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 16:30:12 +0100

> anoglad wrote:
>         Hello awesome freedom supporters, =20 however i can't see
>         windows in the Grub loader. How can i change this?
> I think you first need to know what version of Grub you have.  In
> Synaptic for example I can see a package called "grub-common" and
> the version of that one is "1.98~20091212-2". 1.98 is the
> significant part I think. I think that version 1.98 is also a "Grub
> 2" version. You need to find instructions or some howto regarding
> Grub 1 or 2 , relating to which one you have. When I first
> encountered Grub 2 I was very confused because the commands I knew
> for Grub 1 didn't work anymore.

 There is no hurry to fix that and i have currently a lot to do in school,
 so i'll try to fix that some in days/weeks.

>>  Which packages do i have to load to be able to use wireless lan with
>>  my leptop. There is no free software driver (I think), so i'd like to
>>  use a non-free alternative.=20
> To not run into this problem of needing proprietary/non-free software I
> made the planning and finally made the purchase of a usb-stick which has
> 'wireless-card' hardware on it which runs with completely(or "as free as
> currently possible") floss software.=20
> I'll add to Aurelien's reply that specifically you need to look at this
> page:
> ml
> Personally I have bought the "Netgear WG111v3 USB (Realtek 8187)" model
> and I specifically sent the company an email before purchase asking "is
> the device really v3(?), because it was not mentioned on your page".
> I recieved a positive "Yes it is v3, we have confirmed it", so then I
> bought it. If you want I can dig up the exact price I paid for it and
> when.

Thanks for your nice offer, but i'll install a non-free driver. I don't wanna 
waste hardware even if it is non-free. When i buy new hardware, it will be 100% 
free of course.

> Do you play any 3D games? Because gaming(in both 2D and 3D) is very
> important to me I've been very tempted all this time to use proprietary
> 3D drivers, and I'm sorry to say that I've made this move and I've not
> liked it at all. My new computer which I've ordered has a motherboard
> which has the Intel G43 chip, the graphics card which is marketed as
> "X4500". So no longer will I be tempted to use proprietary graphics
> drivers to play 3D games(which is part of my lifestyle-culture, that is
> to play computer games from time to time).(you might not be interested
> in this but the whole computer along with screen and input devices cost
> ~520=E2=82=AC). One drawback is that I don't know if Asus(it's an Asus
> motherboard) will release specifications so that the bios could
> eventually support coreboot, but I floss 3D drivers were more important
> for me. What I found out(no, I'm not 100% sure) is that even the
> microcode of the X4500 graphics card is documented, although the Intel
> GMA is integrated in the motherboard which means that one has to buy a
> full motherboard to get these 3D hardware which Intel has floss for.

@hardware stuff:
 What i know about hardware: my big computer is black and my laptop is silver 

I played counter-strike, star craft and world of warcraft, but then i read the 
gnu philosophy articles and i stopped of course.
Currently i'm not playing any computer games because of time and also because 
of nescience ... Do you know some nice, free games?

Thank you very very much!

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