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[Gnu3dkit-discuss] Coin 3D library

From: Brent Gulanowski
Subject: [Gnu3dkit-discuss] Coin 3D library
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 16:18:38 -0500

There are many existing 3D libraries at various stages of development, and I am often checking out the status of GPL projects, esp. those with OS X builds. I have already mentioned OGRE (, a game engine which treats OS X as a Unix (bleah). Two that are in very good shape are NeoEngine ( and Coin ( All three are implemented in C++. NeoEngine has a great OS X port, finished a few months ago, and now in very good shape. However, like OGRE, it is targeted at game development.

Probably you already know about Coin, but just wanted to make sure. It is an implementation of Open Inventor by Systems in Motion. It has an LGPL version and a commercial version. They have bindings for a few different user interface products. They have a 10.2 compatible binary called Inventor.framework. According to the read me, they are working on a Cocoa binding. So my expectations of this product are high. Nevertheless, C++, but perfectly workable in Objective-C++ applications.

Questions regarding Open Inventor API: What are its single best and worst features? Are there things I/we can learn from it that would make it worth studying? It is terribly difficult to find general discussions of either OI or Coin, so I thought I would ask here. I have the API docs, but they are a slog. If its strategies are at all parallel to intentions of 3DKit, I could study the API with that in mind.


Brent Gulanowski                address@hidden
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