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GNU Herds troubles

From: Antenore Gatta
Subject: GNU Herds troubles
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 17:48:09 +0100

Hi all,

First of all I'm sorry because I'm not contributing so much with the
development and with discussions.
Since I'm in Switzerland I was not able to have enough free time to
work on Gnu Herds project.

If I'll not have problems anymore I'll be able to dedicate at least 2
days per weeks after the 2nd half of January.

I spoke with some colleagues and friends about the Gnu Business
Network and about the Gnu Herds site, they were interested in the
project but I never received a feedback. Why?

One of them, that I hope he'll join, point my attention on what we
should check asap. Maybe he will send an email to ask to contribute.

1. FSF Gnu Business network link.

The Gnu Business Network description
( is really poor and
the link points to an existent page.
It could be better to update it and fix the link.

2. Gnu Herds mailing list activity

If you take a look on the mailing list archives we have few messages,
as I've already notified we must use the mailing list address instead
of personal addresses. Please pay attention when you reply to some
messages. More over the association list doesn't work
( ...already

3. Gnu Herds description.

By me we should describe better how FSF, Gnu business  network and Gnu
Herds are interconnected and which are the goals. No?

4. Project activity in general.

It look likes that we are doing nothing, and it's not good for Neal,
Davi, Martin and all of the others that they are working a lot (me not
:-( )... What about to point more attention on the content?
What I mean is to use something like a wiki...

Flames are welcome.

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