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Re: GNU Herds troubles -- Moving the the FSF hosts

From: David Diaz
Subject: Re: GNU Herds troubles -- Moving the the FSF hosts
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 00:18:46 +0100
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Antenore Gatta wrote:
> 2. Gnu Herds mailing list activity
> If you take a look on the mailing list archives we have few messages,
> as I've already notified we must use the mailing list address instead
> of personal addresses. Please pay attention when you reply to some
> messages.

I agree.

I think the email lists were wrongly configured.

I have modified this option on MailMan:
  "Where are replies to list messages directed? Poster is
   strongly recommended for most mailing lists."

I have removed "Poster" and set the "to This list" option.

> More over the association list doesn't work 
> ( ...already
> notified....

The association list works, but the archive shows that error due to there is 
not any message kept on the archive yet.

Note that we will try to move the service to the FSF hosts before the 
announcement, to avoid a migration while we are already on production.
The only 'resource' which will not be moved is this list address@hidden
The association@ list will be moved due to it is binded to the 
domain, that will be moved.

If RMS accept host our project, maybe we will delay the announcement up to all 
is ready at the FSF hosts.

> 3. Gnu Herds description.
> By me we should describe better how FSF, Gnu business  network and Gnu
> Herds are interconnected and which are the goals. No?

As pointed at

"we could implement the GBN on top of the GNU Herds jobsite."

"GBN would be some kind of certification mark for the companies in the 
database." That is what have done. We have added support to Certification 
tags. This could change due to it is been analyzed by the FSFE.

Full GBN archive:

> 4. Project activity in general.
> It look likes that we are doing nothing, and it's not good for Neal,
> Davi, Martin and all of the others that they are working a lot (me not
> :-( )... What about to point more attention on the content?
> What I mean is to use something like a wiki...

I wiki is cool,

However, RMS want to control what is exposed, to avoid the posting of bad job 
offers, etc.

To show our activities we use the Savannah Task manager.

Anyway, We can talk again about it after announcing.

Any flame, feedback, comment, etc., is welcome and needed,

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