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Re: CVS checkout trouble

From: Antenore Gatta
Subject: Re: CVS checkout trouble
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 11:21:53 +0100

Hi Victor and Welcome!

Yes, the problem you're reporting it's a now bug, but actually nobody
is interested to make a patch (since 2004!!!)

I don't know if cygwin can help you.... Try it if you can.

Davi: In any case, if it's not too much expensive in time, it could be
better to rename the directories to permit to everyone to work.
I'm not using windows too but there are people that are obliged.
Is it possible by you?

Thanks in advance

2006/12/12, Davi Leal <address@hidden>:
Victor Engmark wrote:
> I tried checking out module gnuherds-app from CVSROOT :
> pserver:address@hidden:/sources/gnuherds-app on Windows
> with TortoiseCVS, and I got the following error message:
> cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot make directory
> gnuherds-app/Layer-1__GUI:_page_builder,_themes: Bad address
> The problem is probably that ":" cannot be part of a Windows folder/file
> name. Do you know any tricks to checkout such a directory in Windows?

No. I do not work on Windows since some years ago. I advice you to work on
an Unix system. Better if it is an GNU/Linux.

I will update the Savannah (Download Area) tar ball this night. It is too
much outdated.

So as you can take a first look at the code, I have prepared this tar
ball of the code which is running now at, with directory
names changed. But of course do not commit such directory names modifications:

Additional notes:
 * The code which is being used, it at the HEAD of the dev_1_1 branch.
 * Before committin anything I would like to take a look at the patch.

P.S.: We will use the Savannah task manager. We will add tasks there so as
to our work can be watched by anybody.

Please, let us know any problem you have,


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