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How to advertize it?

From: Davi Leal
Subject: How to advertize it?
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 22:45:42 +0100
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Hi all,

The problem is, how to advertise it effectively. Random opinions across some 
board won't help much, very few people read them. An organised campaign may 
be needed.

I propose execute the announcement process first soft, and finally hard if it 
is needed.  The process will take from one to two months. We must follow 
talking with RMS to host the service at the FSF. It is a pity he is so busy.

Getting actual job offers could be cool, but I think we will unable to get it 
up to there is a lot of subscribers or the project is already at the FSF.

Do you think we must set on hold the announcement process up to we move the 
service to the FSF hosts?.

Announcement report

  * has not posted our email.
  * owned by the Open Source Technology Group, part
    of VA Software has ignored us.
  * has ignored us.
  * Some others has rejected us too.

  We have got some attention from the below sites, but the post are
  lost quickly due to the new postings.   is working really well.

I think we could post to some Italian website too, but we could wait up to the 
translation be finished.

About advertising, RMS and the fact of moving to the FSF could actually be 
key. Maybe, what we should to first is move to the FSF and later work to be 
known by the free software contributors?. 

If you agree about going on with the announcement process, could you send the 
announcement to the  comp.os.linux.announce news group?. I was unable. 
Antenore?, Charles?, David?, Victor?.

Note we do not must disturb sending to inappropriate groups or medias, at 
least yet.

Summary: 113 unique visitors but no new members.

P.S.: Statistics:

Flames are welcome and needed,

From: GNU Herds work team <address@hidden>
Subject: [Announcement]: GNU Herds - Free Software Association

GNU Herds is a not-for-profit and true-democratic association which aims to 
encourage the professional development of Free Software contributors.

Job Site modules have been developed to take in contact professionals and 
companies interested in doing business.

The management of the Job Site is controlled by its own users using the 
democratic policy.

Other modules can be developed under the association management.

The work team

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