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Re: How to advertize it?

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: How to advertize it?
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 19:07:18 +0100
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David Paleino wrote:
> > If you agree about going on with the announcement process, could you send
> > the announcement to the  comp.os.linux.announce news group?. I was
> > unable. Antenore?, Charles?, David?, Victor?.
> I've sent it to comp.os.linux.announce yesterday evening (Dec 22, 22:55
> +0100), but hasn't appeared yet. Maybe one needs some permission to post
> on it?

It is a moderated news group. I think the post is being rejected.

Googling for GNU Herds I have found this comment :)  I have replied to it just 
to report to anybody who do the same search.

> P.S.: seems like my previous email in reply to this has been lost: it
> doesn't even appear in the Drafts folder, nor in the Sent one of my
> Thunderbird. Has anyone received it?

I have not received a different reply to this "How to advertize it? email 

P.S.: The best marketing we can do is to be part of the GNU project and move 
to the FSF hosts.  We know the purpose of the GNU project is not to serve as 
marketing. Anyway, the project want to be part of ... and move to the FSF to 
keep the access to the user data physically secure!.

P.P.S.: We are beginning to be known, and that is good. We could even set on 
hold the announcement process and wait up to move to the FSF.


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