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Re: [REMINDER]: Re: Please forgive the delay

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [REMINDER]: Re: Please forgive the delay
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2006 22:00:13 -0500

I looked through the site today.  It looks good overall, and in
particular the list of dummy job postings looks good.  The only
specific problem I saw was the link to the "Linux" Documentation

What worries me is the mismatch between the goal of "controlled by its
users" and "following the GNU Project's policies".  These two goals
seem to be fundamentally at odds in spirit.  That doesn't mean there
will be an actual conflict -- but what if there is one?

The Ethics Officer seems to be intended as a way of assuring there
isn't a conflict, but the powers and role of the Ethics Officer are
not clearly spelled out.

I saw a discussion of how to do voting in the organization.  In an
organization of this kind, votes are usually not secret, so voting can
be done by ordinary email with no special software.

    Even thus, somebody might lie. Nothing is 100% reliable. Human make
    mistakes. Automatic checking, besides very much cheap in resources,
    realizes 100% right what it does.

    The feedback after the fact is a mechanism used by some sites. Though
    we decide to use the "before the fact" check, we could offer the
    "after the fact" check too. User feedback is never negligible.

Asking users to report any job offers that seem improper could be a
good idea, but that request has to be written in a very delicate way!

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