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Re: Fwd: Please forgive the delay

From: GNU Herds work team
Subject: Re: Fwd: Please forgive the delay
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 13:59:10 +0100
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Richard Stallman wrote:
> Have you already implemented the changes I previously said were
> necessary?

We think, we have realized all your requirements. Anyway, let us know

  The FAQ. Who can post job offers.
  We have applied your restrictions.

  The Qualifications search facility.
  Such feature has been deleted from the webapp.

  Replaced some of the free-to-fill fields with combo
  boxes. Now we have more control about what is
  exposed. Besides, manual checking will be easier.

  Applicant guidelines: make it easier to applicants report
  wrong conducts so that the association can block accounts
  identified by its unique IDs: email, name+address, landline,
  mobile phone, VoIP id, etc.
  This email address address@hidden is
  exposed on each joboffer view.

  Access Control List
  Proposed feature: Per user ACL.

  We are ready to check user warnings about suspicious-joboffer.

Manual checks which the FSF could support:
 * Check each job offer before being posted or
   check entities only each year and enable it to post.

> I think I recall that you did not want to do some of them. 
> But those are the crucial issues.

This want to be a GNU project. So what you say we will do. We just discuss
with you, some times, to notice others possible solutions.

> Where do they stand now?

We are ready. The pre-test result seems OK.

Steps we would like carry on with:

   We would prefer you announce the project.
   We would like move the HTTP and PostgreSQL service to your
   hosts sooner than later.

 Go live, still on beta stage, with:
   All the certifications disabled, as the GNU Business Network, etc.
   Without manual checks. Will the FSF support it?. We do not have
   resources to realize it.

What you best can do it take a look at and let us 
know what must be changed.

The work team

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