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Re: [REMINDER]: Re: Please forgive the delay

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [REMINDER]: Re: Please forgive the delay
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2006 22:00:14 -0500

    > We still have the issue of posting people looking for jobs.

    We could require a Certification to be able to access the entity
    filing card. The FSF could grant such certifications.

This is something we need to think about more.  Perhaps we could let
members of one of the FSF's post when they are looking for jobs.  That
will at least make it less likely that they look for non-free-software

    As, initially there will not be any entity with such certification,
    they will not be able to view the entity qualifications filing card
    that keeps the contact information. They will be only able to view the
    anonymous summarized entity listing.

I am confused here.  Are you still talking about posting people looking
for jobs?  Or if not that, what are you talking about?

If the idea is to streamline checking when certain trusted companies
post job offers, that could be a good idea.  I have nothing against
it.  It seems like an optimization which could be added later if it is

    About the FS Qualifications search facility, we require a "FS Ethical
    Business" or "GNU Business Network" certifications to be able to
    access the entity filing card. 

I do not understand that statement.  I don't know what "access the
entity filing card" means, or who would want to do that, or for what

                                    Users will be only able to view the
    anonymous summarized entity listing without the entity contact

I can't begin to make sense of that.  It is too abstract for me to
understand.  I don't know who the "users" are, or what an "entity" is.

This site will be used by workers that want jobs and by employers that
offer jobs.  So when you talk about the operations on the site, please
always relate what you say concretely to a worker or an employer, and
say what operation he is trying to do.

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