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proposed reply -- If nobody disagree it will be sent in 6-12 hours

From: Davi Leal
Subject: proposed reply -- If nobody disagree it will be sent in 6-12 hours
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 17:17:40 +0200
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Richard Stallman wrote:
> > The  project is ready to be moved to the FSF
> > hosts, if you agree.
> I don't understand -- what change you have in mind?
> And why?

Technical changes:
  * The usual bug fixing
  * HTML improvements. Use a <div> based layout instead of <table>
  * Update translations
  * Add German translation
  * General usability improvement
  * General look & feel improvement

Feature changes, (only if you agree):
  * Use microformats to allow webapp users to export their own resume.
  * Enable certifications support, which is now disabled.

Everything following the Free Software philosophy.  New versions will have the 
same spirit than the present one.  Let us know anything you think the project 
must change.

Detailed list of proposed improvements, features, etc. are listed and will 
follow being added at the Task Manager at Savannah:

> What's wrong with your existing machine?

It is at the home of one of our developers.  We suffer power instability. The 
host is being used as desktop too, so security and performance penalties.

Being hosted at the FSF the webapp users would be more confident that their 
data it at good hands.  Is there a better place to keep the personal data of 
Free Software contributors?

Additionally, maybe hosting it at your servers the project will get an 
improved security at the system level. We take care of it at the application 

Best regards,
The work team

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