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Re: Co-operative vs Association

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Co-operative vs Association
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 23:30:41 +0200
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MJ Ray wrote:
> I'd strongly prefer some sort of cooperative or collective structure,
> but it's not a blocker if that's not possible.

Readind this link I propose/expose:

 * Voluntary and Open Membership


 * Democratic Member Control


    direct democracy,

    with possible vote delegation

 * Member Economic Participation

    no membership fees

 * Autonomy and Independence

    with the only exception to impose we will follow
    the FS principles, so the Ethics Officer.

 * Education, Training and Information

    it will not provide provide education to its members.
    Members are already educated or will get it elsewhere.

 * Co-operation among Co-operatives

    multinational structure

    Should we add again the 'Chapters' section to the Charter,
    for example with the below text?

      "Chapters may be formed in any local area.  There must
       be ten or more people in a local area interested in
       forming a chapter to do so."

 * Concern for Community


 Maybe some business activity will arise from the membership,
 but I personally think we must not 'impose' nothing about it
 in the charter.


I take note.


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