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Re: a proper hosting

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: a proper hosting
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 23:54:17 +0200
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Antenore Gatta wrote:
> I was speaking about donations not to hire someone, but to pay a proper
> hosting. It's not convenient to hope in the help of only one person
> (association?).

I have been working for very important companies where sometimes a sysadmin 
just get a 'personal' copy of the data!

I think we must avoid it, and a way to try it is using a host managed by
people 'politically' aligned with us; for example:

I propose we try to get a 'community' hosting.

  a) FSF sysadmins

  b) Savannah host, owned by the FSF but managed by voluntaries

  c) Debian-project host?


> For sponsors I still think that we should try to interact with more
> actors, both of the open source and business oriented scenes.

I think you should write here Free Software, not Open Source.

I agree with you about, depending on the events, we should interact with more 
actors. But now it is the time of the FSF, which IMHO is the main actor.

Antenore, could you add a task at Savannh to take note about we should 
interact with more actors, at the right time?

> Obviously not from any kind of sponsors...
> Just that one that are already supporting open source projects.

I think you should write here Free Software, not Open Source.

> In the begin donations they will give us a few amount of money, maybe
> all coming directly from us :-) Only when there will be one or more
> sponsors (one is FSF) they will trust more gnuherds.

I agree with you. I think that if the project get the support of the FSF, 
Debian, or any other important organization it will be good for the project.

However I think we must not lose our principles just to get sponsors.

> It's a matter of visibility, nobody will trust us without the proper
> actors behind gnuherds.

So is because we have been talking with the FSF (a.k.a. RMS).

> Yes, the project needs money....

IMHO the project has already the money that it need at this time:

 * Neal is paying the domain
 * I am hosting the project at my home

Let wait to the final RMS' decision. If it is not OK I _propose_ look for 
another Free Software community which could solve our hosting requirements: 
quality and _confidence_.

Flames about any proposal are not only welcome but needed. I could be 


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