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Roadmap (proposal)

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Roadmap (proposal)
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 13:39:07 +0200
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* Nicodemo tryes to update his patch against the last git-clone.
  We review the patch.
  Nicodemo commits the patch.

* Davi follows committing small patches related with the donation-pledges
  and look-for-volunteers feature.

* Antenore, Davi, etc. will follow thinking about if it is possible
  and convenient the integration of bank support in the webapp, and
  if the answer is positive, how to do it.

* Gabriel Tessier could choose one of the small tasks or any other which
  we did not manage to list or which he hisself proposes...

* ...

* Update translations

* Quality assurance

* Marketing

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