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Re: Maybe herds Polish translation?

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Maybe herds Polish translation?
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 20:58:29 +0100
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Witek Adamus wrote:
> I can do it.  Just send me all materials to translate so I won`t have to
> husk em ;-p

I have created the below pledge:

   GNU Herds' Polish translation

If you subscribe as worker I will send you the PO gettext file to realize the 
first translation phase.

You could use the poedit tool [1] to make it easier. It is a lot of work! I 
warn you!  The second phase will be much less.


> That was the 1st thing and I have an idea. - There are developers like me
> who have ideas and plans but they just prefer going to work where they are
> paid. So they should have possibility to offer their work and also suggest
> what theyll do. So: I have plans to create an APNG editor, but I dont have
> time for that especially when I`m in debt - so... I could find some more
> time if someone will pay me to finish my work, which he finds usefull for
> him.

IMHO people do not need 'another' APNG editor. Well, sincerelly I do not know 
what that is :)

Anyway, if you actually want, you could create a donation pledge group, with a 
$0.02 pledge.  Then, if there is demand for such a tool some other guy will 
pledge for it too. Maybe at the long run it will collect enough money.

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