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Savannah rewrite -- It has been discussed

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Savannah rewrite -- It has been discussed
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 01:27:57 +0100
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* the value of a good architecture and modularized design: XML-RPC

     Fear about slowness:   database query  +  XML-RPC transport

        To solve such problem both applications could be
        located in the same LAN or maybe even in the same
        machine, not in different Internet servers.

* Disadvantages of using LDAP to manage users authentication.

* UTF-8.

* Relational data bases and the value of strong relations (foreign keys).

* Unit Testing.

* MySQL (MyISAM, InnoDB, MariaDB, Sun-Oracle, ...)  vs  PostgreSQL,
  SQL standards.

* Django.


* Proposed plan to realize the data migration after the new Savannah
  be ready:

      1. Do a good analysis of the data we have now. The webapp is
         to manage the data; the data is the main part.

      2. Do a good new database+filesystem design to hold such data.

      3. Do a migration test.

      4. Develop the new application which will work with such
         data and the new which will come.

      5. Migrate data, and test that the migration was right.

* For the Savannah redesign, replace MD5 hashes using the Django
  support for using 'sha1 + salt' or ...

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