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Savannah and GNU Herds integration

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Savannah and GNU Herds integration
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 01:35:15 +0100
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This has been proposed:

  * Each webapp will maintain its frontend.

  * Integrate at XML-RPC level. Do not share code; anyhow the
    new Savannah will be Django based and gnuherds is PHP.

  * Keep gnuherds data in gnuherds database, and use XML-RPC only
    to fetch Savannah and gnuherds common data.

  * Components or functionality which we could integrate:
      * Users registration and authentication.
      * Skills management.
      * Donation pledge to Project or Task.
      * Look-for-volunteers list.
      * Job posting, if Savannah team want ...

      I will begin to develop and test in my development environments
      the first point "user registration and authentication" via XML-RPC
      to access current Savannah database (+ the security level to do so)
      and modifying the gnuherds code to rely on it.

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