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Navigation Changes

From: Nicodemo Alvaro
Subject: Navigation Changes
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 16:36:20 -0400

I am still working on it, but perhaps people would be interested in
the navigation changes I am working on.

You will notice I removed a bunch of links that I thought could be
better elsewhere.

FS Pledges, Look For Volunteer, FS Job Offers, Business Models. If
someone is interested in Business Models, I think they will easily
find it in the About section, when they find out more about what GNU
Herds is trying to support. The FS * links can go somewhere else.
Currently, the main page shows.

When you logged in to the stable version, it will pop up a "Accounts"
section between General navigation and Resources. I moved this
"accounts" section into it's own bar below the header.

In my point of view this reduces the overflow issues I was having in
my small resolution when certain content is shorter than the
navigation, which interferes with the navigation. I personally find
this easier to navigate.

What do you think?

There was a request by Daemonax on IRC that we should remove the Offer
tables when they do not have any offers. I think it would be better to
remove all the tables with a single table that orders all offers by
date, and differentiates the offers with those pictures or alternative
tags to describe it in text. Also, the offer type bar that appears in
right side should be used to say how many offers there are.
Additionally, place that offer type bar in the middle like it is in
about page in notices and each offer page.

I am not liking the GNU Herds' logo linking to about page because it
is not evident that it is a link. I think we could make a button
combination between the image and the Free Software Association text,
that links to the about page.

I have not a clue why FS appears everywhere. I still do not find it
any helpful. If you really want to specify that it is Free Software
whatever, spell it out; otherwise remove totally.

The tables that are used to organize the forms and content are not
neccessary at all. For example see . Oh my!!! You could do all
of that with break tags, headings, and CSS.


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