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Re: [BUG] Too much empty space

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: [BUG] Too much empty space
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 12:40:01 +0100
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Antenore Gatta wrote:
> But I think now there is too much empty space in the home page,
> something on the right or on the left should be added to give more
> balance.
> See the enclosed screenshot, with high resolution it doesn't look
> too nice. 
> What do you think? Maybe we can add a div with news about GNU Herds or
> about GNU it self... Just an idea...

Now I understand the problem!

Edgar exposed it yesterday too. So there already at least two users who are 
suffering it.

> Then, what about to think in a more Social Network way?
> Tags, comments, Friend Of A Friend (FOAF), DOAP (Description
> of a Project)... 
> These geek stuff are not only the last fashion, but are useful... 

Gathering together the proposals: <div> with:

  * News about The GNU Project.

  * News about GNU Herds.
      We could place there some of the text exposed at
      perhaps adding other news.

      However, I think it would be better use that space
      to something even more useful as, e.g. FOAF.

  * Tags (Social information)
      We do not want to publish the users resume, but maybe we
      could publish a users country-Tag-map and a browsers

  * Friend Of A Friend (FOAF) (Social Network)
      I personally like this one, but the project must protect
      users privacy.  So the network should be anonymous if the
      browser is not logged-in the application, and he can only
      see the friends number but not the friends data itself?

  * DOAP (Description of a Project)
      I think this one is not needed, because the project description
      is in the . Such page is got via
      clicking the logo or the "Free Software Association" title.

  * Comments of what the users think about the project (Marketing)
      I do not like this too much. I prefer Friend Of A Friend (FOAF)
      IMHO it is the best "Social Network" way.

  * Savannah mini-panel [Number of users] ...
      Note the Savannah entries looking for volunteers, etc., will be
      fully integrated in the GNU Herds pledges and volunteers entries.

      After users integration with Savannah we will be able to place
      the usual [Number of users], but we do not need such space to
      do it because it can be better placed in the heading, IHMO.

  * Just the vertical bar with the big "job offers", "pledges" and
    "volunteers" buttons.
      I do not like this one too much. We could add it to temporally
      fill such empty space but I think we should replace it at medium
      term with the FOAF feature.

  * Several of the above.

  * ... More suggestions?

[new task]: [BUG] Too much empty space

What do you think?  These are quick thoughts. Please let us now if we are 

Let us time to experiment with all the ideas ... If you want vote your 
preferred idea. This is a democratic project,

I vote by adding both "Friend Of A Friend (FOAF)" for social network and maybe 
later country-Tags for social information.

Edgar wrote:
> I have a widescreen 1360 * 768 (16:9), and the content is
> align to the left, maybe it should be align to center.
> Cause when i have the browser in full screen i see an
> empty (no content) right side.

We know it. We tried centered but it was less usable
because the tabs of some pages you see after login.

Changing position of such tabs when you click one is
annoying for the user.

> We just should think with what to fill that empty right side.

The problem is that with some pages it is not empty, and
we have to take into account that with other small
resolutions it is not empty either.

> I see, and most of the people don't use a huge
> widescreen resolution like me.

However maybe you are right Edgar, and we could find
a way to fill part of such space with something useful.

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