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Re: Sponsoring the GNU Herds project

From: Antenore Gatta
Subject: Re: Sponsoring the GNU Herds project
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 14:00:18 +0200

I will!


On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 1:55 PM, Davi Leal<address@hidden> wrote:
> Antenore Gatta wrote:
>> As I don't have time to develop/help as usual... I was thinking to
>> sponsor the project with some $$$
> Well, right now you are the Italian translator, but I think the translations
> will not be updated for a long time up to all these developments ideas be
> stabilized. So we will avoid double-translation work, as was exposed by
> Victor some years ago.
> Anyway, if you want, feel free to create a donation-pledge-group [1]. So at
> the same time we will test the project.
>  [1]
>  Note you can do the same entry creation being logged-in. So
>  you will avoid the Spammers "Verify you are human" test.
> If you create such group, as donator, then be sure I will subscribe to it as
> worker! :)  Proposal:
>  As the payments are negotiated by donators and workers, we could
>  review the next year how distribute the money pledged among
>  workers: So, one year of contributions, one donation payment.
>  We could evaluate the year of contributions.

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