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Re: GnuHerds-app-dev Digest, Vol 35, Issue 3

From: Edgar
Subject: Re: GnuHerds-app-dev Digest, Vol 35, Issue 3
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 17:55:34 -0400

 Hello, these are the files that contain the git diff of the files I edited for the captcha patch. Thats all for now.
Any Respone is welcome.


1) I quickly work out task 9486 and 9485 and delete the unneeded menu entries

   Note: I want to do the above two tasks myself to be sure they are done

2) Nicodemo update his development environment from my last changes and,
3) Nicodemo work out task 9487.

*) Edgar anti-Spam patch.

*) More Nicodemo, Edgar and Davi tasks ...

*) ...

N) Show Savannah and GNU Herds login integration.

Edgar De Jesus

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