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Re:[Gnumed-devel] q about schema

From: Syan Tan
Subject: Re:[Gnumed-devel] q about schema
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 07:26:17 +0800

What is the preferred way of blob import ? 
 - I noticed that blob.med_doc looks obligatory, and that there needs to be a
to blob type as well , and also a link to a patient ( ? also not null) and 
 - the import type I  was thinking of has a specialist table , with name,
address, and specialty _type ,  where specialty_type is sometimes duplicated due
to mispelling or different phrase
(e.g. general physician/physician/general medicine ). 
 - I was thinking of using the specialty table to proliferate the doc_types, so
then the
docs can be imported , since this should be an automated step, perhaps an 
to merge
doctypes via gnumed application could be done later ; 
otherwise, can the med_docs have optional doc_type , or an unassigned doc_type?

Also , the import source has 2+1 tables for medication and scripts. There is a
drug_no field
that is supposed to uniquely identify the medication, but there is
denormalization here as
well , so that when the medication is printed, it's name and presentation is
stored in
2 text fields in the script table. It is possible to use group by on these
fields, to yield
a drug_no , drug_name, presentation table, but it looks like at some stage 2
spaces were introduced as separators to some drug names, so a drug_no may
reference at least 2 different
drug names with different spacing. I suppose I'm asking where to store 
and scripts
and whether an external drug schema can be used , and how to do this . There is
no ATC code
in these drug tables. Any suggested even preliminary adhoc method accepted 

Another type is the letter type, which raises the question of RTF readers / and
or writers.
Is there a way of storing the type of letter document with gnumed , and have 
of mimetype/x-application etc... where say Abiword is fired up ? 
this might lead to a problem with templates though , as I gather the default 
template type for gnumed was to be postscript .
A more basic step is , how to store letters against patients, and any special
(e.g. mandatory linking to a specialist provider ? )



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