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[Gnump3d-users] some things i got along whith ....

From: Leutnant Steiner
Subject: [Gnump3d-users] some things i got along whith ....
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 01:53:51 +0200

first of all .. thank you for putting this sotware under gnu-license.
everything works great.  if my programming skills become usable i'd
like to do some addons :) ...... while playing around with it saw...
that it'l still need some time .... so i need help .. please.

i'm running gnump3d v2.9.4  on GNU/SuseLinux 9.1 i586  kernel
2.6.4-52-default ,  the machine has 2 NIC'S. One with private adress
192.168.. the other on officialip.

noticed, connections(listeners) from internal network are not seen in
"whats currently playing" - stats ... but in "recently played" stats
they are shown ...

 can anyone accnowledge this behavior ?


anyone knows a good link for extensions/plugins ?

# searchin for a "honoring system"  --- thinking of ..... a listener
can upload ..via ftp ... the files can be rated ,  the uploader gets 
"honor-points" ..  honored-users are... never "downsampled" or ..... 
if bandwith problems have tó be solved, a user with no credit may get
disiconnected .....

# need to check if user-names are used from different ip's / at the
same time ....

last question .. but as important as the first.....   

is it possible to run multiple instances of the programm?  .....
thinking of using one for music  another for testing movie-steaming...
or... giving every user his/her own streaming-service with theyr mp3's

thank you

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