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[GNUnet-developers] GNUnet 0.4.3 released

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] GNUnet 0.4.3 released
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 20:47:54 -0500
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Hi all!

I've just released GNUnet 0.4.3. Major changes include:

* randomized order of blocks for the download
* Hashtable for collisions instead of linear scan (much faster)
* HANGUP message is now used when connections time out (but not
    if gnunetd is killed/stopped)
* gnunet-check, a tool to check GNUnet's databases for consistency was
   added. Running "gnunet-check -a" before starting the new gnunetd
   server is recommended.
* gnunetd now forks and detaches properly as a deamon should.</li>
* tdb (and again a simple directory) are now in addition to gdbm supported
       for the database (experimental)
* Spaces in filenames are now supported (bugfix).
* HELO exchange is now transitive (used to deadlock), also improved
   algorithm for establishing connections with other hosts faster but with
   less bursty behavior
* Fixed segfault (pthread_mutext_lock) problems (surfaced under BSD only)
* libextractor 0.1.1 is now required (we changed the names of all exported
   symbols to avoid name clashes)
* and of course many other minor improvements, especially in the
   build system and the documentation

This release should fix all major outstanding problems that were reported on 
Mantis with the potential exception of not sending HANGUP messages when 
gnunetd is stopped (which leads to inbound UDP traffic keeping going for a
couple of minutes).

happy downloading

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