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[GNUnet-developers] The unofficial FAQ

From: Tom Barnes-Lawrence
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] The unofficial FAQ
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 04:16:36 +0100

Hi all,
 It's probably come to the attention of some of you that my unofficial FAQ
page has been gathering dust rather badly, because I've not been finding the
time to keep it (remotely) up to date, despite my best intentions :P

 As such, I keep meaning to suggest that the GNUnet team take down the link to
my pages (or something along those lines), but I haven't been getting around
to *that* either! Well I at least managed *that* today. Hmph.

 I'd like to take those pages down *some* time vaguely soon, because they're
getting so stale and out of date and were pretty incomplete to start with!
HOWEVER, it does occur to me that perhaps some other GNUnet user with more
time on their hands and/or more dedication to the project could take over
the pages, hosting them on their own site, maintaining them properly, etc etc.
Because of this, I figure I should keep them up for maybe a month or 2 longer
to see if anybody presents themselves.

 If somebody does want to take over the pages (the Unofficial FAQ, and or the
"GNUnet Netiquette Advice" page), they should write to both the list and me
(because I'm not sure I'll be on the lists much longer, and I'm currently
not reading many of the posts). Not for *permission* or anything daft like
that, just so it's clear who's taking it on. Plus I could change the pages to
point to the *new* site, wherever it would be.

Having a copy go to the list would be appropriate because you may not even be
able to *reach* me by email in a few weeks (for the duration of say a month
or 2, not sure), plus presumably Christian et al would want to point their
links to the new site as well.

The pages are currently at:
(for anybody who's not seen yet)

Eh, think that's everything. Very sorry my effort was so short-lived, but
I'm glad to see the project's alive and well even if my pages weren't.

Signature? I have no need of signatures

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