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Date correction for Hackweek online

From: t3sserakt
Subject: Date correction for Hackweek online
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2020 12:55:57 +0200
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Hello *,

there was an error with the start date of the Hackweek online event.

It starts on Wed June _17th_!



On 09.05.20 19:53, sva wrote:
> Dear all,
> as we can't meet up in June, a small group came together and wants to
> present you a proposal for an online-hackweek:
> We are all a bit tired from all those online-possibilities - but then on
> the other hand we are motivated to spend some days on GNUnet.
> Additionally we find it an interesting opportunity to create and test
> some online-meeting formats; If we're lucky we can continue this in the
> future additionally to the on-site hackweeks in EU.
> We'd be very happy if you look into our collection and let us know if
> you'd be interested to attend, so that we continue with our efforts.
> Please sign up with your interest in this table, so that we know thats
> its worth following the efforts (also to publish it wider, if we get our
> ACKs here):
> Find more details there -- but here a quick
> overview:
> Time: Wed JUN 15th - Sun JUN 21st
> Media: mumble, BBB, jitis, irc/matrix,, and some more...?
> Topics: Introductions & deeper working groups of particular topics
> Social: also trying to hang around together for beer & bbq
> This is just a proposal to show that we believe it _could_ work - the
> particular conduction we can iterate with your ideas and wishes very
> much and anytime. Let us know your interest in this by signing up in the
> table!
> Thanks!
> sva

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